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7 Ways to Live a More Magical Life

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Magical Life

Use symbols wisely. Decorate your home with colors that make you feel energized. Hang a crystal in your car. Get a tattoo that reminds you of a positive lesson or experience. Put trinkets from loved ones on your desk. Buy t-shirts with inspiring sayings. Drink your morning tea out of a happy mug. Make your computer background a forest. Consider the impact of your words. Write often. Keep your promises.

Don’t forget to breathe. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Start your Saturday with yoga. Take ten minutes every morning for meditation. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you’re angry or sad or just tired, take a deep breath. Rest your head on someone else’s chest and match your breathing to theirs. Use essential oils. On a cold day, stop to watch the exhalation of warm air leave your mouth. Never forget that it is required. Take too little of it, breathe too shallowly, and your spirit will suffer.

Your body is a temple – decorate it. Wear jewelry that reminds you of a special moment or a special person or just makes you feel special. Dye your hair purple or chop it off. Use fancy lotion. Exercise often, but don’t ever feel anything except proud of your breasts or your stomach or your arms. Dress the way that you want to feel. Never let someone else dictate the way you look. Try a top you’d swear you’d never wear. Try a cat eye. Try a bold red lip. Wear heels that make you feel like a sex goddess. Wear bangles that make music when you walk.

Create a safe and sacred space. Keep your kitchen clean. Surround yourself with pets and flowers. Drink wine and make art for the walls. Always have music playing. Fill it with people who make you a better person. Don’t allow negativity to cross the threshold. Burn incense and light candles and smudge sage. Keep the curtains open. Touch every object in the house and only keep the ones that lift your spirits. Sleep with lavender under your pillow. Always have a full bookshelf.

Get sunlight (or moonlight) and fresh air every day. Drive with your windows down. Sit outside and read a book. Walk to the coffee shop or the grocery store or a friend’s house. Have a picnic in the park. Fully appreciate the way your hair whips around you on a windy day. Lie in the grass and close your eyes and think about how every little plant is alive just like you are. Stop to appreciate a full moon. Buy fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market. In the summer go camping and in the winter walk in the rain. Climb a tree. Grow an herb garden.

Live positivity. Give someone a compliment. Make eye contact. Send a text just to say you’re thinking of them. Stop and close your eyes – say a quick thank you for your blessings. Recycle, compost, and turn off the lights. Treat a loved one to dinner. Trade your friends a massage. Put money in an expired meter. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Laugh often. Good karma comes back. Whatever you do will be returned three times as strong.

Incorporate magic into every day activities. Sweep your floor and visualize brushing out the negative energy. Bake cookies to feed loved ones and imbue them with positive vibes. Christen a new home with a potted plant. Wash off the day with a bubble bath. Don’t let others jealousy or insecurities or anger ever affect your spirit. Use herb lore to select your tea. Use color magic to pick your nail polish shade. Use tarot cards to help you better understand yourself. Eat consciously.

How do you strive to lead a more magical life?

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